Offsite Team Experience

The LDI Leadership Institute

The Offsite Team Experience is a deep dive into great leadership and how it applies to you and your team. It is a fun, stimulating, and unforgettable experience that for many is life-changing—and a huge enhancement to their careers and to their contribution to your organization.


A 4-Day Leadership Deep-Dive Experience For Your Team!

  • Outdoor high ropes team-building
  • Indoor and outdoor leadership and team-building exercises
  • Teaching based on the LDI Total Leadership Framework™
  • Small group discussions
  • Assessment instruments for each participant
  • Assessment instruments completed online ahead of time by each participant
  • One-on-one debriefs and feedback

What the LDI Leadership Institute Brings to Your Team:

  • Deepens Self-Awareness
  • Teaches Leadership and Teamwork
  • Builds Trust and Collaboration
  • Applies the Lessons of Great Leadership to Their Leadership Role

Here’s what recent participants are saying about the LDI Leadership Institute:

“Life-changing learning event that will help me greatly - as a person, father, husband and my leadership skills.” - R.H.

“Best course I have attended. Learned so much. Wish everyone could go through this, very motivating. Will make us better leaders.” - R.J.

“It was very special. The level of teamwork that is needed is great, the feedback, one-on-ones, videos, etc. were all outstanding. Everyone did a great job!” - K.M.

“The best week-long program I have attended!” - T.M.

“Fun-filled week with a lot of content.” - R.B.

“This week is just a stepping stone for me. I’ve challenged myself to continue to apply the material to mold myself into the best servant leader I can be.” - T.S.

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