Leadership Assessments

Discover Your Personal Strengths

Why leadership assessments? Assessments help you:

  • Become confident about your strengths
  • Learn to compensate for your leadership weakness
  • Know what you need to learn to be a better leader
  • Gain insight into people and groups you lead

We offer three different approaches to creating self-awareness:

The Myers-Briggs Type Inventory©
Uncover Your Natural Preferences


  • How you energize yourself
  • How you look at the world
  • How you make decisions
  • What your ideal world looks like

The benefits:

  • Completed online
  • Self-reporting instrument in response to a set of questions
  • 60-minute telephone debrief with an LDI-certified leadership coach
  • Very well-known, well-tested, and strongly validated instrument
  • Gains additional value when used in conjunction with the Highlands Ability Battery

Price: $375.00

The Highlands Ability Battery©
Uncover Your Natural Abilities


  • How you take in information
  • How you retain information
  • How you solve problems
  • How you make decisions

The benefits:

  • Completed online
  • Timed tests that surface aptitudes that come easily to you
  • 60-minute telephone debrief with an LDI-certified leadership coach
  • Identifies 19 individual abilities that link to key leadership competencies

Price: $395.00

The LDI 360 Degree Feedback™
Uncover the Perceptions You Create


  • How your peers perceive you
  • How your direct reports perceive you
  • How your superiors perceive you. It is often different from what you think!

The benefits:

  • Completed online
  • 15 people give you anonymous feedback in response to certain questions
  • LDI generates a report that gives you a very clear sense of how you are perceived by those you work with
  • 60-minute telephone debrief with an LDI-certified leadership coach
  • A very revealing, challenging, and also affirming exercise

Price: $695.00