About Leader Development Inc. (LDI)

Take the Confusion Out of Leadership

We are a diverse group of leadership experts. . .

. . . former senior business executives, former CEOs and entrepreneurs, executive coaches, senior HR executives,   senior military officers, and psychologists.

These leadership "gurus" bring you. . .

. . . a solid grasp of our transformational Leadership Framework, and

. . . the skills and resources to help you apply it.

LDI was founded in the mid-1990s by Antony Bell and a group of partners. Since then it has made a significant contribution to the success of numerous organizations - both nationally and internationally.


"When I first encountered Antony’s framework for leadership development in his book Great Leadership, I immediately recognized it as capturing the concepts and components of virtually all existing models. The ability for the framework to serve both individual and organizational goals is, I believe, a unique quality."

-Ms. Susan B. Nolan, Former Director of the Treasury Executive Institute

“Antony Bell has distilled all the voices I’ve been reading for the past twenty years — and I’ve read a lot of them — and he’s put them together into a coherent framework so that now I see where they all fit — and which ones I need to pay attention to.

He’s not just another voice on leadership - he’s a synthesizing voice on leadership.”

-Jess MacCallum, President, Professional Printers, Inc.

“Antony’s work is stellar – he is a premier thought leader, executive coach, author, consultant, and entrepreneur. He has received the highest of accolades from our executive customers for his pragmatic, cutting-edge methods and knowledge about developing leadership excellence.

Among the vast field of self-proclaimed leadership experts, Antony Bell is truly one of the proven, premier leadership experts!”

-Dr. Gina Myers, US Department of the Treasury